METALAB is the in-house metallurgy laboratory for McClure Engineering, Inc., a consulting firm with a wide range of customers needing metallurgical expertise.

METALAB provides comprehensive solutions to a multitude of manufacturing problems faced by some of today’s leading industrial companies. Our experienced and qualified staff of professionals is equipped to provide your company with quality support, results and consultation for all of your materials testing needs.

Look to METALAB for reliable laboratory testing of your metal components, complete failure analysis services, alloy chemical analysis, and expert consultation in all areas of materials specification and selection.

We will help you determine what a particular part is made of, materials you need to make that part work, why that part failed to work in the first place, and what effective changes will make that part function better.

And because METALAB is conveniently located in central Oklahoma, you can expect rapid turnaround and complete personal service for all of your laboratory and testing needs.


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